#WCW The Girls Trip Cast

What a great display of sisterhood & the issues we all may go through. Cheers to this movie & the ladies that brought to light the importance of having each other’s back & making great hilarious memories together.  Start planning your girls trip ladies!  

Cheers to healthy friendships,

Danalee Francesca đź’‹

In The Papers: NYTimes Fashion’s Racial Divide


The NYTimes: Fashion’s Racial Divide article touches on several points regarding the racial divide in the fashion industry. Good read, now what next? I think in addition to the fashion industry recognizing that they should be more inclusive, we also have to support the young ones that want to pursue such careers. In the West Indian culture, parents only know about four careers Lawyer, Doctor, Accountant, Engineer…you get the picture. I wish I had taken the opportunity to study at FIT while I was in college, my school had a special program that allowed you to study there in your last year, if you qualified. To satisfy my fashion palette and missed opportunity some years ago, I took a couple courses after returning to NY from law school. To add insult to injury, FIT is where I sat for weeks for my Bar Exam classes. The irony!

Some of us have a mix of creativity coupled with the intellectual, hence this Fashion Blog that allows me to express my creative side. Parents always want you to choose careers that yield the highest benefits, for them fashion is not always it. For me, my parents did not force being an attorney, it was my goal from a young age so they did not have to reinforce it so much or dissuade me from pursuing another career. But, I always had this creative outlet for writing and a respect for fashion due in part to my Mom’s great sense of style.

It’s not true that fashion careers don’t yeild a great benefit. I think the best thing you can do is encourage your child to pursue what makes their hearts sing, if that means a double-major, so they have a backup plan, then that is a good route. Don’t dissuade, encourage.

On the flip side, I think Fashion Schools have to be all encompassing for all races as well. I had an experience at FIT for a program I applied to some years ago and the questions that were posed to me and statements made were jaw-dropping to say the least. I took it in stride and a sign that was not my path, for that moment. I share this with you to say that there are many aspects to fixing this racial divide: parents, school administrators, the industry, the companies, all play a part. They all have to be willing to do their part in fixing the divide to encourage inclusion of all races in this industry.

Read the Article

Any thoughts?

Dancing to BeyoncĂ© – 7/11 & Admiring Kim K. Assets

Watched vid yesterday and was dying laughing.  It tickled me to see Bey so free!  Refreshing almost.  What’s the song about, ladies night, drunken night, message to her haters that no matter what she does she is fresh?  Probably all that and more.  Either way take it for what it is, dance don’t dance.

On the flip side, Kim K popped in my head.  Yes, she is a friend in my head as Wendy would say.  This was a lengthy discussion amongst friends that left a couple with their panties in a bunch because I didn’t see the big deal over her full frontal pictures.  I believe everyone has a talent, some talents are very well-defined others obscure.  I back away from calling another woman a whore just because she chooses and has made a business out of using what God has blessed her with.  Same I wouldn’t call Bey’s video ridiculous because it veered off from her norm, actually not really just less formal, less fanfare.  I think we all reach the point in life where you want to feel free.  Free might be posing completely nude, free might be doing isolated butt cheek movements in your bathroom, lol did you see that.  Either way take things in it’s context, don’t be so judgmental.  It’s entertainment, it’s a business, it’s freedom of expression. Both should have business classes at Carvard & Kale (get it) to teach how you brand yourself and build a business from well-defined and obscure talents, seriously!  I would take the class, because hot-damn no matter the theories behind their success, they have managed to build empires out of their individual talents (however you define a talent). Either way hate it or love it, their lives go on. What are you doing with your talents?

What’s your talent, how are you developing it, do you have the balls to share your talent like these women?  Just asking….

Cheers to Freedom Saturdays and seeing things from the flip side!

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Hump Day Motivation: Inspiration, Faith, Habits, Beware of Toxic People


Inspiring! Malala is an activist for female education and youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. She has definitely gone through difficult times as we are all aware of but has persevered and continues to help others through http://www.malala.org/

It’s hump day!  That day of the week when you finally feel like you see the light at the end of the work tunnel.   However, the work is never over, your dreams never fade.  Your motivation, your energy, your passion and the people around you may be what fades.  I recommend reading these articles to not only get over the Wednesday hump, but to continue riding the wave of life because really and truly everyday there is a hurdle to get over, be it good or bad. Knowing how to deal with it all is how you reach your goals, remain focused on your passion, fulfill dreams, stay motivated, continue to keep the fire lit even when it’s being doused with negativity.   How are you going to get over the everyday hump?  How are you keeping your passion, motivation sky high?  How will you eliminate the tricks from the real treats?  If you are looking to take your dreams further and be surrounded and uplifted by the right people read these articles that lend some guidance and Inspiration. Continue to be consistent and faithful during the good and bad times, don’t out your fire reignite it!
12 Habits of People Who Always Fulfill Their Dreams

10 Toxic People You Should Avoid Like The Plague

Inspirational Quotes from Malala Yousafzai

Cheers to riding the wave of life, not just getting over it!

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Sunday Sermon: How to TRUST in God’s Timing | Marshawn Evans

This is a great article by Marshawn Evans! Useful steps to live by when you feel frustrated about the timing of situations in your life. Continue to Trust and have Faith!


Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials
of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith
produces steadfastness. And let steadfastness have its
full effect, that you may be perfect and complete,
lacking in nothing. —James 1:2-4

Time and time again, I get to learn that God is more concerned with trust than talent.

More committed to our character than our career.

And, more interested in obedience than sacrifice.

Because of our desire to get what we want when we want it, though, we naturally tend to rush the process and try to put God on our timeline. We set our expectations high, create our own schedule and start racing toward that finish line. Then when our great expectations aren’t met, we feel frustrated because we haven’t met our goals.

I want to tell you that there is something that God wants more than your speed, your hard work and your mighty effort.

God wants your TRUST. (My acronym for TRUST, if you haven’t heard it before, is Total Reliance Upon Spiritual Timing.)

Not easy, right?

That’s because we want to orchestrate.

We want to direct.

We want to control.

Truth is, however, that we simply don’t know what’s best for us. We certainly don’t have Heaven’s vantage point.

And if we’re not careful we can get in the way of God’s intended blessing for us.

Think about Noah. Noah was obedient and patient. These qualities protected him and preserved his legacy and family. He trusted God’s instruction even when others doubted him.

He took the time to build the ark. After the flood, he sent a raven and a dove to “test” the land to see if it was ready for them. Then he waited for a clear sign that it was time. When the dove returned with a branch, Noah knew that the place for his “feet” was not ready. He knew that water still covered the land.

What would have become of Noah and his family if he’d ignored this message and decided that it was the right time to step out?

Noah’s story is a perfect example of the 5 steps required in truly TRUSTing God.

1. Press Pause. I like to say that “patience is protection.” As a coach and catalyst who helps MOVE people into the action side of faith, I am used to doing, creating, and producing. Being more patient is not always easy for me. But in order to experience the brilliant plans God has for me, I know I have to let the Brilliant One lead me.

2. Ask God for Confirmation. Seek first the kingdom and ask for a clear picture of what God intends for you. God will send you messages. Just like Noah’s dove, you’ll get a phone call at the right moment, bump into the right person or suddenly see the right path appear. But you need to ask Him, not your girlfriends of Facebook buddies…  Even though I believe in seeking wise counsel, there is no substitute for talking directly to God about His plans for you and your life.

3. Pay Attention to Your Intuition. The nudges you receive are God’s inspirational messages to you. Create quiet time to pray and listen. If you get an idea out of the blue to call someone specific, call them. Learn to listen, especially in times of stress or anxiety. A few moments of rest, prayer and meditation always reconnect you to what God is trying to tell you.

4.  Prepare While You Wait. Waiting is not a passive act. Preparing enables you to be ready to “step out” when the timing is right. Keep working diligently where you are, enjoying life, serving God and reaching out to others while you wait.

5. TRUST. Remember, we’re talking about TOTAL reliance. Not just part of you. Stop trusting the wrong things—yourself, your experience, your intellect. You need to trust with your whole heart because miracles aren’t going to happen if you give God just a small piece of your trust.So… even when you are frustrated, remember that every detour, delay and speed bump in your life has been divinely orchestrated.

Remember, God knows the ideal timing for you to arrive at your destination. God is the one who created time and He is in control. You’re never behind when you trust Him, listen to Him and follow Him.

Tell me, where are YOU struggling with trusting God’s timing?

What lesson do you think God is trying to teach you about patience, spiritual intimacy, and preparation? Where do you get stuck?

Let me know below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Marshawn Evans is a Global Mentor and Catalyst for Women looking to Launch Their Dreams and Live Their Purpose. She equips others to AMPLIFY their lives, their leadership and their legacy by teaching the principles of influence, branding, and divine purpose. Her weekly eZine goes out to thousands of subscribers. Are you ready to unleash your brilliance and align with your REAL destiny? Sign up for a FREE subscription at http://marshawnevans.com

Good Deeds Wednesday

While I was on vacation, I was reading my friends book, The Secret~Daily Teachings by Rhonda Byrne.  Some how it made it’s way home with me
🙂  I like to read devotionals, it puts life in perspective when on a daily basis you hear about so much violence, sickness and injustice.  With the recent story of the teen being killed by the police, planes being shot down, ongoing fighting and killing in the Middle East, sickness in Africa, people committing suicide, and on top of all that we then have to deal with our own reality.  So I read these devotionals to know that life is more than us against them, me against you, you against me.  It seems that’s what every fight or violent act is about, someone else trying to get over on the next person.  For what?  I don’t have the answer.

I have been skipping around in the book and this morning I found this, Good Deeds Wednesday…


What's your good deed?

In the midst of chaos this week, perhaps today we can do something to diminish the acts of hate by doing something good for someone else, anything! 

Cheers to making it to the middle of the week!

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Following Your Passion ~ Dr. Maya Angelou



The clipping I saved from college when I heard Dr. Angelou speak.

I was sipping on my Chai Tea Latte the other day when I noticed Oprah staring at me.  She was looking at me from a picture, but nonetheless she was gazing.  Then I read the sleeve on my cup and it said, ” Follow your passion.  It will lead you to your purpose.”  Oh Oprah! 
You are right about that.  It’s not an easy journey but a great example of a woman that found her purpose is Dr. Maya Angelou.  What a Phenomenal Woman, who brings Oprah’s statement to life.  Let her example of following her passion be your guide in your journey toward your own purpose.

May she rest in peace.  Read Ronda Racha Penrice’s article about her life.

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Challenge Yourself, A Little Struggle Never Hurt

I long to be back in paradise on this cold NY day. A couple Thursdays ago I was on my “Body Holiday” and took a mental, physical and social media break.  Ok, so I may have hearted a few pics on IG and liked some things on FB.  But, for the most part I was detached from the world and loved it.  Every so often you need a break from everyday life to unwind, recharge, reconnect with yourself and loved ones. 


Me with my yacht in the background 🙂

But, I am back in the concrete jungle and ready to see what I can stir up.  Stirring up good trouble! Since there is no change without a little struggle, I decided to challenge myself, especially since it is the Lenten Season.


Concrete Jungle that I love!

When you take a hiatus from life you have time to reflect and re-evaluate. There are many changes we could all make, keeping in mind life is a journey not a destination. So, over time you grow as a person and change comes about.

I have decided to utilize the things I have around me a bit more, my stove and my juicer for starters. Basic, I know but under utilized! Yes, it takes time that I really don’t have to make that carrot juice and cook that salmon but like I said, there can be no change without a little bit of struggle. That is true for so many things in life. Nothing comes easy, you have to work for it. It makes the end result all the more sweeter. I have learned that all the tools you need to achieve your goals lie within you.


Me, making green juice! Yay! Ignore the Malbec 🙂

Won’t you join me and challenge yourself to do the things you want to do but think you can’t because of time constraints or your preconceived notions. Go ahead and fulfill those dreams that you have buried inside. Work harder to complete your goals. You can’t pray for peace, love, joy, happiness, prosperity, success and on and on and not work for it.

Challenge yourself!

Fashionably yours,
Danalee Francesca

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Are you one?  LeAnn Rimes apparently is. Spitfire is the title of her new album, and she lays it all out emotionally in this album. You and I both know the story about her, Eddie and Brandi, so no need to gossip. Besides all that drama, LeAnn is known for speaking her mind in the true sense of a spitfire. I always liked the connotation of the word.  Not exactly sure I like Webster’s definition. I define it as a woman that doesn’t take crap from anyone, she basically says KMFA all day everyday, only when nonesense attempts to come her way, of course. 

I had a few spitfire moments lately.  People won’t always come to your rescue or even agree when you fight back against verbal attacks, you have to know how to stand up for yourself. When people test your metal make sure you Spit Fire, with a smile of course 🙂 Deepak has an even nicer solution!

Happy Friday,
Danalee Francesca

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